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For a student, there aren't many housing choices that are as convenient and affordable as Christus House. With common spaces, private rooms, parking, and included amenities like on-site laundry, outdoor patio, commercial kitchen, and a big-screen TV, you won't want to miss out!

If you're a student at University of Oregon, chances are you've walked past Christus House! At 18th and Potter, we're right across the street from the south edge of UO's campus and near bus lines to Lane Community College.

Residents of our community reside in fully-furnished, private rooms, and share all other spaces communally. This includes five recently renovated bathrooms, a commercial kitchen and dining space, living room with fireplace, basement game room, a laundry room, additional interior storage, and exterior bike storage.





















Your monthly payment of $600/month includes all utilities:

  • electric and heat

  • water/sewer/gas

  • garbage/recycling

  • laundry (not even coin-operated!)
  • cable TV

  • wireless internet

  • off-street parking (first-come, first-served)

Tours available to applicants - let us know you're interested and fill our your application now!

  • Will I have a roommate?
    Rooms at Christus House are private - in a largely communal house, they are 100% your personal space!
  • How are private rooms furnished? What can I bring of my own?
    Individual rooms are carpeted, and furnished with a twin XL bed, dresser, and desk with chair. Each room also includes a closet and window blinds. You will want to bring your own bedding, toiletries and other personal effects, lamps and other room decor as desired. Any additional furnishings must be approved and recorded prior to move-in.
  • How is seniority established and how does it operate?
    House seniority is determined upon the date that a resident is formally accepted into the community, has completed their rental paperwork, and submitted their deposit. House seniority determines room selection and changes, as well as parking priority. There is one primary exception: Once you occupy a room, that room is yours until your time with us comes to a close or you opt to change rooms. Seniority does not supercede your current occupancy.
  • Is there a meal service?
    We have made a conscious choice not to provide a meal service in this community. While there are some obvious "pros" to have your meals prepared each day: 1) it is an expense that can price out students we want to have access to this community, and 2) we want to encourage community members to practice the art of providing nutritious sustinence for oneself, a skill you'll require for the rest of your life. Practice it now! In our shared commercial kitchen, fully stocked with the cooking equipment and plateware/silverware/etc you'll need, residents will have assigned cabinets in the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer for their personal food. There is a minimum expectation of one meal together each week, prepared by meal teams of 3-4 residents as assigned in advance. However, residents are strongly encouraged to opt into small collaborative teams to negotiate the purchasing and preparing of food. Collaboration allows for good stewardship of personal resources (finances, transportation, time and energy) and also a balance of serving through food preparation as well as having your food prepared by the service of others.
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