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Good Soil's Hearth & Table program is a community kitchen and free, home cooked meal every Thursday night during the school year - come eat with us!


Central Lutheran Church is an agency partner of FOOD for Lane County and works in collaboration with the UO Food Security Task Force.

We Gather

Okay, dear students, we used to gather. Community-building ands safe space is so important to us, and we will be thinking creatively this "Year of COVID-19" about how to continue to offer you support beyond the meals themselves. Share with us your ideas - what would be helpful?

For now, come to Central Lutheran Church's Parish Hall (entrance at the back of the church, alley-side, between 18th and 19th) between 5-6pm on Tuesdays of the academic year for meal pick-up only. You will be greeted with love and freshly-prepared food and sent back out on your way!

We Cook

The heart and soul of Hearth & Table is its community kitchen program, where students have worked closely with Chef Ryan, whose passion is educating and empowering people in the kitchen to learn to cook with nutritious and affordable ingredients. We want students to learn kitchen safety, knife skills, how to balance flavors, and much, much more! (Did we mention it's fun?)

This year, Chef Ryan will prepare your meals alone and masked to keep you as safe as we can. However, we will be exploring partnerships and virtual platforms to keep bringing you awesome content and boost your cooking know-how! Watch our blog for these opportunities as they arise.

We Eat

Even if we can't eat together, we know you'll enjoy the meal! As we did in previous years, we'll blog about the recipes Chef Ryan has prepared and share tips about the cooking process. So, if you like what you're eating, you can make it again yourself and share it with your friends.

We chose Tuesday night this week because we know you'll be able to pick up more food from the Student Food Pantry on Wednesday and Thursday - we hope this delicious meal will help tide you over that finish line to your next pick-up.

We Build Community

As soon as we can be together again: From the planting of the seeds and starts for the produce and herbs included in the meal to the wiping down of the counters at the end of the night, we are here to build community with and around you. You are welcome to be as involved as you want to be - come garden with us, cook with us, eat with us, clean up with us... or any one of those things. Enjoy the company of people who aren't college students, from the toddlers to the elders!


We are proud of you for the work you are doing. However we can, we hope to feed both hungry bellies and hungry hearts so you are well and successful. Join us!


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