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What do we mean when we say we are
residential, intentional, and transformational? 

What does it mean to "practice" community? 

Christus House is located on the south edge of the University of Oregon campus

Located on the south edge of the University of Oregon campus, Christus House has been home to a student community for over 40 years.

Our students are graduate and undergraduate, domestic and international, university and community college - the energy of the unique stories, personalities, life experiences, and vocational interests of each student breathes new life into the House every year! What residents share in common is the desire to live with others intentionally.


Intentional community is an invitation to build relationship with people beyond your immediate comfort zone: to grow in communication, conflict resolution, and sometimes surprising friendships. Residents learn to cultivate the skills needed to be curious, listen, empathize, and compromise with one another. Sunday nights are committed to the community, so each week residents connect through food, fellowship, and learning.


Our fully furnished private rooms and common areas are enjoyed by a community of up to 18 students a year - learn more about our accommodations here. Successful applicants demonstrate social maturity, accountability, academic commitment, and a desire to grow in doing justice, loving kindness, and living with humility.



Good Soil is LGBTQ-affirming and commits itself to disrupt white supremacy. We celebrate the diversity of human expression and identity, and grow from a Gospel that insists on
the dignity and belovedness of
all created life.

This is a community of justice-minded students, who desire to love and serve their neighbors.



Chesed (translated here as "kindness")
is perhaps more clearly "loving-kindness," "compassion," a covenantal, breathtakingly loyal kind of love.

If you grew up watching Sesame Street or Mr. Rogers, you know all about kindness. In this community, we aspire to practice it every day.

(Spoiler alert: It's hard!)

We don't "arrive" spiritually. 
We just keep on the journey, one foot in front of the other, like everyone else.

We name our unknowing. 

In humility, we listen for the Holy and for one another, and we open our hearts to be transformed by relationship.

We are not alone.

We are known and beloved, even when we can't know or love ourselves.

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